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Cannot connect DSP to Remote Server (Bluehost Dedicated IP)

Hey gang;

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to assist...

First, some background: I have a Dedicated IP hosting account (Linux based) with Bluehost, and have already checked w/ their customer service that I can run a shoutcast server.

I downloaded version 1.9.8, extracted it to my home directory on the server, configured the .conf file to use a Portbase of 8000, and started the service successfully (it is waiting for listeners)

Using Winamp's DSP plugin (in addition to SAM) I am unable to connect to the remote host, despite trying everything I could think of. I've entered the p/w correctly, tried various encoders, entered as well as our IP address in the server field...All it does is hang on "connecting" for about 10 seconds and then displays "not connected."

I also called Bluehost last night and asked them to open up ports 8000/8001 TCP/UDP (outbound) which they have done. I cannot access the stats/admin page by visiting

I'm stumped and flabbergasted.
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