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TTA Decoder Error - Can't open file

I would like to point out an user unfriendly behavior of the TTA Audio Decoder v3.5 (x86)

When a group of files are loaded to Winamp and then some file from that group is removed / renamed, then when that particular file is brought up as active one in the Winamp 5.666, then a message box appears "TTA Decoder Error" saying "Can't open file: [name of the file from the list]". And so the user has to click OK so that the Winamp can go to the next file on the list

What is the point of such mandatory action from user? Other formats that I have encountered behave in Winamp in a user friendly way: when a file is missing then Winamp automatically moves to the next one, without informing the user about the issue of a missing file; without requiring consent

But I guess this behavior is entirely up to the TTA Audio Decoder and unless it is changed / updated by its creators or replaced by me with some other, then nothing can be done with this problem?
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