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5.32 crash

running 5.32 clean install
Intel Celeron D2.8, 512MB
Windows XP SP2 (a.k.a Media Center 2005)

after ripping just a few more CDs the player crashes ALL the time, can't get it to run stable anymore.

Some details given during crash:
ModVer 5.1.2600.2180 (# of NT build)
ntdll.dll Offset 000106c3

If you need more information please let me know how to capture

Have been running this installation / configuration happily for a few months, upgraded winamp versions as they came along.
Suspicion: My Library has become to big.?
Current size of the library:
17100 files (mostly mp3's) in 2675 folders
80,4 GB

Hope my suspicion doen't hold true. Have not found a similar posting, hence the new note. Help appreciated.
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