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Skins filter system

When browsing / searching Skins would be good to have a solid filtering system to display skins by several types of categories / tags, like: style, color scheme, features + sort by popularity, year, etc..

The purpose / benefit is to offer the user a powerful system so he just thinks what he wants and tick / un-tick the options. It requires a change of paradigm; instead of searching by technical feature you filter by your "needs" or preferences, something more intuitive.

E.G., If I´m looking for a skin that is not flat or "metro", with or without color themes but definitively not SUI; with ANY existing system (DeviantArt, 1001skins, etc) I would have to search and browse through an ocean of results.. with the filters, I would just tick / untick what I want/don´t want and the "browse pane" would clear itself until only the closer results are visible. I wouldn´t need to know the name of the skin, nor the terminology or the type of skin.

I think this way the system gets closer to user´s needs, avoiding the need to know anything about the skin´s world (being that there is Classic skins, Modern skins, cPro, SUI, non-SUI, WMC, Windowed, Winamp 3, etc).

I hope I´m being clear enough. :/
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