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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
Why not use one of the better looking cPro skins as the new default for the 6.xx series? Winamp's Bento has been around since god knows when and its very dated. While its great and all (and also one of the best functional skins at that) It feels stagnant and reminiscent of the early XP times in terms of design, something that most new users could and would be put off by. (in comparison to the high possibility that theyre used to iTunes's flashy rather attractive looks)

Theres even a Bento inspired cPro Dark Aluminum that looks really nice and modern yet fully functional just like the original Bento.

Its author is even a forum regular so it would add up nicely! The current Bento could be added as an option to use just like currently Winamp lets you use the 2.xx skin.

Well.. let's see, first of all, thanks for the suggestion, I feel kind of flattered

Then, you're right about Winamp needing a new face or skin, feels like right now is the appropriate moment. I don't know if Radionomy designers aren't already considering this possibility and doing / planning something new to get along with their entire renovation of the brand (which would be the logic thing to do if you look at it from a Marketing point of view..).

I'm convinced that cPro (1 & 2) style is more complete and flexible than Bento, but:
1- It was already suggested to use it as a main skin and discarded mainly because of what Garetjax said, it is not a Nullsoft / Radionomy property so it would have to be acquired somehow, and that would pretty much hurt the cPro plugin itself since development on it won't depend anymore on their creators, instead it would be subject to a company's politic and protocol.. and we already know how that turns out eventually (AOL Winamp dev frozen for years).
2- In my opinion, it is not the right kind of skin to be deployed with Winamp, basically because it lacks the ability to be used in touchscreens (among other reasons..).

So, I've already did some research to propose a new Winamp default skin last year right before the shutting down news went on.. (I had only 2 or 3 weeks until then). I was basically gathering info on modern design styles and writing down some ideas to solve some of the interface issues I was facing when looking at Bento or Winamp Modern (it was part the "touchscreen friendly" and a lot of funcionality stuff). Maybe someday I'll share my drafts from it..
BUT, not only that stopped because of the Winamp shutdown, but also because I realised I'm not up to the challenge in the coding aspect of things, a lot of things would have need to be implemented via scripts and that's my limit, so even if I would go on, I would have to team up with someone actively working on modern skins, with some free time (a lot actually) and a deep knowledge of Wasabi. I couldn't find a person who had all of this (toghether)..

Anyway, I wouldn't loose hope on seeing something new in Winamp's aesthetic, like I said it would be just the-right-thing-to-do, but for now there is no news in sight about it..

-Now I'm leaving in a rush, so I won't check the long post, sorry for any misspelling and / or english nonsense -
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