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Ini edit not being observed by installer

I have an installer that edits the ini file of a particular application. The installer basically changes the value of an integer to a non-zero value (the exact number depends on the situation). If the ini line has a value of zero, the exe carries out function A (just using placeholder names) and if the value is not zero it carries out function B.

If I edit the number in the ini with a text editor everything runs fine afterwards. If I let the installer edit the value, then exit the installer and run the exe everything still runs fine. The problem comes in if I have the exe listed as the program to run after installation is complete. If I run the exe using the checkbox at the end of the installer (close installer and run exe), the exe acts as if the ini value is 0, no matter what it really is set to.

Is there some ini save function I need to call to get this to behave the correct way?
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