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Array ( [COMPONENT_ID] => 144160 [USER_ID] => 523006 [COMPONENT_NAME] => Poker Skin [AUTH_DESC_SHORT] => Poker [AUTH_DESC_LONG] => Thanks goes out too "In no particular order" Mr Jones (Moderator), LuigiHann and k_rock923. Except for Mr. Jones i do believe he earned his place.

Had one incredible time with this one. [SMALL_IMAGE_NAME] => Poker_Skin.jpg [FILENAME] => Poker_Skin.wsz [LARGE_IMAGE_NAME] => Poker_Skin.jpg [COMPONENT_FLAG] => S [PUBLISH_FLAG] => Y [PRI_CATEGORY] => 2 [SEC_CATEGORY] => 2 [SUBMISSION_DATE] => 04-FEB-05 [PUBLISH_DATE] => 04-FEB-05 [UPDATED_DATE] => 04-FEB-05 )

Your Classic Skin has been successfully updated and will be reviewed by our staff. You will receive an email when it has been republished.

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