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First of, Playlist Folders works like a charm on my iPod Classic! Many thanks for this feature!

Another thing a little bit off topic, would this work if you want like Video Folders? And is there the a way so that these folders won't show up in the ordinary music playlist view?

Yet another thing even more off topic, apparently podcasts transfered using winamp show up in a playlist called podcasts on my iPod in the music and video section, but NOT in my Podcast section, why might that be?

Again, nice work on this playlist folders feature!

One thing I just found out is if I double click a playlist in a subfolder, my whole iPod loads in the winamp playlist and not the subfolder-playlist.

I did some more testing and when having your "iPod" selected and then double clicking a playlist (not only Sub-playlists) will make winamp load the whole iPod to the winamp playlist. Is this a known fact or might it be a bug?
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