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Yes, it really is a great feature.

@"Virtual Albums" 5* Rate
I too have thought about utilizing this feature in such a way...but decided it would be too bloated. I've got some questions for ya about it below. I may try it out based on your response

I imagine you created a playlist Folder called Artists with sub playlists for each artist in it...playlist contents being the artist's 5* songs. Did you do this to ALL the artists in your library. If so...thats ALOT of playlists. In general, Do you use the real Playlists area on your 5G iPod as well as the "Playlist Folder" (Notes) area? If yes, in using "Virtual Albums" 5*, do you find your Playlist area Bloated? I would most likely chuck the "Virtual Albums" 5* artist stuff at the bottom of the list so it wouldn't bloat plain Playlist area viewing.

"Virtual Albums" would truly be a FULL fledge feature if each 5* artist playlist could be sorted into the proper Artist sub-menu on the iPod. I doubt this is currently feasible though. Interesting though.
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