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Originally Posted by NJK View Post
what you could do it adjust the server configuration.

Seach this

; TitleFormat specifies a format string for what title is sent to the listener.
; For example, a string of 'Justin Radio' forces the title 'Justin Radio' even
; when the source changes the title. You can use up to one '%s' in the string
; which lets you contain the title from the source. For example, if your
; TitleFormat is 'Justin Radio: %s', and the source plug-in's title is
; 'Billy plays the blues', then the net title is
; 'Justin Radio: Billy plays the blues'. Note: only works on non-relay servers.
; The default is no format string.
; TitleFormat=Justin Radio: %s

change it according to your wishes and save the config , restart server and that is all.

Keep in mind to remove the ; before the last line.
If I change that, it wouldn't show real song title, when I start the song?
And I'm using latest Shoutcast server, so there is no "TitleFormat" on config.. :\

Originally Posted by aaronsnet View Post
This is mostly dependent upon the streaming software you are using. If you are broadcasting with Winamp w/ Shoutcast DSP this is not possible..alll titles are sent. If you are using more advanced automation software there maybe options to accomplish this. Consult with your automation software's support for further instructions.
I'm using SAM Broadcaster, but I can't seem to find a solution for that (and I'm currently listening to some radio on which changes the title to "Radio Name" after songs.. )..
And there is one strange thing on SAM BC: when I start encoder, and connect to my stream (while nothing is playing) it shows radio name on title. But when I start a song it show song title (that's ok of course) and the song ends it doesn't show only radio name as title :\
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