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I have found a work around for viewing and using the website without worrying about the issues surrounding continual unsafe notifications, crashes and etc.

Windows uses a HOSTS (located in %systemdrive%/windows/system32/drivers/etc) file to maintain a personal list of web addresses. Any time a request is made for a URL, the HOSTS file will be checked first. If a corresponding address is found you will be directed to that IP without first consulting a DNS Server. The original intent of this file was to define where sites exist;

This is the loopback address for your machine for those cases where an application needs to reference the local machine by IP address- the loopback address will always be valid. This entry should never be changed.

Now lets add an entry to block

We are telling our local machine that war-arron actually exists on the local machine. Any request for war-arron will be directed to the local machine and therefore effectively blocked. You could also use the IP of another website if you wanted to be creative.

A HOSTS file entry will disregard the transfer protocol so it isn’t needed. |
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