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How to get a "Dev ID"

How would I acquire a dev id for ?

In the documentation for [Shoutcast YP v2.0](, it mentions that a 'dev ID' must be part of each request.

But there's no mention of how to acquire a 'dev ID'. I've already tried searching the forums -- I saw no mention of 'dev ID' in the stickies, and the forum search function refuses to search for it because the strings are "too short."

Some links go to , but that bounces to, which is a garbled webpage with one winamp link that sends me back to these forums.

I did find [a page from before 2008 about business partners]( , but I don't have a corporation here.

I used to just use the old And I'd really rather not scrape HTML, but it looks like that's what I'm going to have to do.
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