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Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
... no plugins on any of my browsers and they all work with 0 ads, 0 malware and do not even show links from 'bad' sites.
I find it hard to believe you see 0 ads. Are you just using the Hostman provided lists or do you manually add domains from time to time? Anything else helping with the other stuff, like an AV app or something?

Ads are required to keep the web 'free' (beyond the associated costs of connecting to it) since they help some sites with managing their costs. That said, I don't want to be bombarded with them and I'm more concerned with the malicious stuff. So I use various things (including manually adding some domains to my Hosts file) to limit ads and warn against or block the malware and 'bad' sites. If Hostman works as good as you say, maybe I can remove some stuff and regain the computer resources that they use (and improve my browser performance beyond the acceptable level it has now).

I mostly use a variant of FF and keep IE installed (and used from time to time) since Winamp uses it's engine for web access. I must say that IE v11 is not bad, but it doesn't support some of the FF add-ons I've come to depend on.

Great job you've done with your site update!

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