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I can tolerate ads that stay off to the side and out of my face. I hate those that pop-up or try to talk to me.

A layered approach to prevention and protection has worked well for me. One of the things I use is PeerBlock. It was recently updated after a long dry spell. It uses lists provided by IBlockList (which are auto-updated) and I subscribe to a few of them. The servers/domains that push obnoxious ads which get pass PeerBlock, I add to my Hosts file (e.g. several of the DoubleClick ad servers).

Sometimes the IBlockList lists get a little over zealous and I have to move sites I want to use to PeerBlock's exclusion list or temporarily turn PeerBlock off.

I had also been using the AdBlock Plus add-on with my browser, but some sites now refuse to work when it is detected or put up a pop-up banner requesting it be turned off (warning that the site's 'experience' may be degraded). I would laugh at such warnings, but sometimes the banner covered some of the page's content (which of course degraded the experience).

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