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Docked Window / Multi Monitor Issue

Hope someone can help with a problem I've been having recently. Nice to see these forums are so active still after so long.

for years now I have always had Winamp on my secondary monitor, docked to the top of the screen. Double clicking it swaps between full and docked mode, and everything worked well. I'm using the big Bento skin on Windows 10.

I have recently upgraded my primary montitor to 2560 x 1440 (previously both were 1920 x 1080).

Now when I try to use docked mode on the secondary monitor, it disappears somewhere off the top of the screen. I can recover the window with some messing about, but can only ever have it in full size mode. As soon I try to go docked, it will disappear again.

Any ideas? Everything still works fine if I use the primary monitor, but I really want it on the secondary again.
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