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Developer API help

Getting some weird behaviour, and wondering if I have missed something in the API docs.

I run my query, and in the response, I get station ID, and with this, Base URLs.

To "tune" to the station, I then need to make a web request to get the stream URL in playlist format (either PLS, M3U or XSPF) like so:

String url = ""+ currentSelectedStation.getBase() + "?id=" + currentSelectedStation.getStatuionID() ;

This works for some stations, but sometimes the PLS file contains the actual stream, and sometimes it takes me to the shoutcast status page for the stream (???)

For example:

I found a station titled "Metal Express Radio"

and got the pls file:


The URL in here is not the stream, it links to the stream status page:


What have I missed here? Thanks.
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