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Originally Posted by isosceles View Post
Hi Martin,

Much respect for the presets you've released over all these years. What an epic thread this has become! I wanted to reach out and share a crazy idea with you. First an introduction...

I've been working with a friend on NestDrop so that people can perform with the reactive visuals. We have also extended Milkdrop beyond its original design by adding Spout Sprites, which allows for some interesting new possibilities. After curating and organizing the cream of the crop collection and also mashing up my own presets, it's pretty amazing to see the wide array of visuals that have been created.

Milkdrop is 19 years old and there is a new generation of people that are experiencing Milkdrop for the first time. There is still a huge landscape of possible visuals that could be created and many proficient programmers that would enjoy creating presets. But the technical approach of using Winamp to write code for a brand new preset is not an entirely clear process. So I was wondering if you would consider recording a screencast that shares your thought process of how you create an original preset. I think it could help to revitalize the Milkdrop community.

Please contact me if you're interested and we can discuss it some more. I would be willing to pay you a fee for your efforts.

This sound nice! Hope you can share the screencast here when available, and on the currently active Winamp spaces, like the WACUP community or Reddit.
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