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you want the program changed b/c you see it as a need. however, it is not a need for most users for several reasons:

1. art is usually displayed very small in winamp, relatively speaking, for most users.
2. the art winamp gets is ALWAYS small, 200x200
3. so if you were to change winamp to handle big high res stuff, you'd also have to change the defaults to use it, otherwise whats the point?
4. then, you'd also have to change the source you use to get art. thats b/c once winamp handles/displays big art by default, it can't use small art as a source. it creates an ugly disparity.

none of this is trivial. and i think to do what you want, winamp would have to cache and resize the art at scan time. if so, i don't want that, but i also could be wrong, there might be other ways to do it.

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