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Shoutcast Stream - Pause/Play

When playing a live stream from Shoutcast, if I pause it, it actually acts like it's really pausing -- it's still streaming, but buffering the data until you press Play again. This is nice, but there's a problem. The problem is probably from addressing the battery drainage issue.

I have the stream set to my own shoutcast server, and I can watch it start the stream and close the connection. When the stream is first started (from my Favorites page), it hooks up and streams just fine (no drops or skips or blips or other problems mentioned by others) -- it stays connected as long as I want. If I press Pause, the stream stays connected for several minutes before finally closing the connection. I imagine that an older version probably kept this connection open indefinitely, hogging cpu, ram, and batter. If I press Play before the connection closes, everything is fine, and it progresses from song to song (although at some point it does skip ahead to get more caught up with the current stream, no biggie for me). But! If it times out, pressing Play will begin playing the buffered music until it runs out, and it will not reconnect to the stream. Worse yet, is I can't manually stop and restart it from that screen (widget or full screen). It claims to be Playing or Paused, based on when I've pressed the button, but in reality it is not playing anymore (no noise, and my shoutcase dsp confirms that I'm not connected). The only way to resume the stream is to go back to the Favorites page and relaunch.

I know -- I'm a whiner. But, I would really like to find a streaming player that will let me launch my favorite stream right from the desktop instead of having to open the app, go to the favorites page, and then launch the stream. When I first saw that the WinAmp widget showed my stream running in it, I was hoping this was my answer, but the failure to resume after a long pause kills it for me.
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