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Thank you for the great app you have provided to play music on my Droid. I love the option to stream Shout Cast content.

I have two issues with the Moto Droid 4 version of Winamp.

1) When ever I receive a notification sound, Winamp cuts out, which is expected, but then it does not continue to play the content after the notification sound ends. These are short message or text notifications, and not the longer phone ring notification. This makes Winamp useless as a content player. In my instance I am streaming Shout Cast content. Please fix this as soon as possible, as the more notifications I receive the more I have to grab my Droid 4 and navigate to Winamp to tell it to continue the streaming.

2) Winamp seems to have a very heavy battery usage. It drains my battery very quickly. I have other players that stream/buffer content like Google Player (playing my music saved in the cloud) that don't have such a heavy draw on the battery. If I am using Winamp, I have to charge my phone by mid afternoon during the day. Using other players I can make it all day without needing to charge.

Thanks again for a great app and your attention to this email message.

Long time Winamp user.
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