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Winamp won't be able to ship lame_enc.dll either so the removal from this is just the start of aligning things based on licensing requirements. so the end result is you [the user] will have to install / update lame_enc.dll as needed (based on it either not being present to start with or from not being the version wanted).

and as the previous Winamp and Source DSP releases had been including the same version for a while, it wasn't much of an issue since we clearly state we only support the current version and if trying to mix and match things, if issues happen then that cannot be helped.

trying to maintain version checks between 3 different things is messy and will not be done. the current behaviour of the plug-in (as of this build) will just ensure it's running on a Winamp version it is designed to run under, and will rely on the lame_enc.dll found and if one is not, it will give a simple message to download it (and that can be the version of your choice as we cannot host the dll and it's not like it's hard to find the recommended and stable lame_enc.dll to use).
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