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if lame_enc.dll is already present (from whatever source be it manually done or from a prior Source DSP or Winamp install), then there is nothing else to do and what is present will be used. for the Winamp upgrade aspect, it will not remove it as there is no way to know for certain if it was manually installed or from a prior Winamp install.

you're really over thinking things and doing things on the server side for a small plug-in is just overkill and it's not like LAME gets updated much anyway nowadays.

all that is going to happen is if users want to do MP3 encoding, they will need to install lame_enc.dll themselves and if it's already present in the existing Winamp install then there's nothing else to do.

and if people have issues or intentionally want to use an old version, there is little that can be done about and if there are bugs, the response is always going to be to ensure they are using the current Winamp and Source DSP releases and if they don't want to use them (as a number have rudely stated at times via help support) then there is nothing that can be done about and it that's that. our responsibility is to provide working (subject to known issues) versions of the software where it's reasonable possible to do so and if users don't want to update / use them then we cannot force them to update things (however tempting it would be to have enforced updates and all that to keep the user base on the same versions of things).
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