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if someone doesn't want to update, they're not going to update so even if things were put in the installers or the client or whatever, it's not going to help with the scenario you're trying to cover.

overall, we have to respect what people do or do not want to install and if that means they're on 10+year old versions then so be it. as much as it complicates things, old versions are an issue where not much can be done about as someone using such an old version is pretty much unlikely to ever attempt to run anything new and so we're still in the same position.

at the end of the day, we can only provide what is known to work with the current version and if people use it, so be it, and if someone is on an old version, then that's their choice (not helped by some of the actions which were made to Winamp [especially the installer which was a sad thing that was done to help fund development at the cost of users in the last few years] ) and is something that has to be respected (and fundamentally is little that can be done about it anyway).
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