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Originally Posted by Michael T. View Post
I'm having the same problem.

I have had my station for several years and now I have been told that my provider needs to convert to Shoutcast v2. So he does and sets it up. Then this message is what I see on both DNAS server pages.

Stream is currently up but requires registration in the SHOUTcast Directory.
Listeners are allowed and the stream will act like it is private until resolved.

So I go and try to register.

I go to a page that says "Fill-in all the required info to create or update your radio station"

Then below that I see "If you are upgrading an existing SHOUTcast station, please provide your station's authhash*"

So I log in one of the Shoutcast DNAS servers and I see "Create Authhash."
I am so lost. Can anyone help? I'm not a tech expert.

This is the same issue im having. I need to know WHAT the Authhash code actually is. I need to copy and paste it into my stream providers admin page but i keep getting looped
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