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Originally Posted by djSpinnerCee View Post

you should have already created an account and station there -- the activation page will have your authhash, your stream url, etc.

your streaming provider -- if they'are providing v2 hostng, there will be a way for you to enter the authhash, v1 servers cannot be listed using an authhash.

also -- you didn't say, but when you created your station, you must select the dnas option, not the shoutcast streaming service option.

and -- the * and * sites are actually different -- make sure you don't get them mixed up -- they share some info (they even look alike), but they are not the same thing from a registration standpoint.
Spinner Cee please see this message

i have created everything
the tune in link works
i dont know why i have to create a secondary Encoder for this when im going to have other djs connecting to the system remotely. This seems like THEY wont be able to connect unless they create secondary encoders as well.

Aside from that. There are NO screens i see on either Shoutcast or RMO which tell me an Auth Hash code.
All i see are butons and messages telling me either i am NOT registered because the Auth hash is missing
Yes i know its missing because i cant find it

Or they are telling me, im up and running but im private so use this link to CREATE an Auth.

Each time i click the links to CREATE, it just says "Fill in this information" but its already filled in--- ALL OF IT.

So what page am i supposed to see the Auth Hash on?

I went to this one

ANd i get this message
An error occurred while processing your request.
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