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Please stick to Winamp5 bug reports only, not 3rd-party plugin related stuff (author's will probably need to modify some 3rd-party plugins for wa5 compatibility), and not requests (requests/comments/suggestions/etc go here or here).

Don't forget to include relevant sys specs, and make sure you're reporting bugs with WA5_Beta1_Build5, not any earlier beta/alpha version.

Also provide exact instructions on how to reproduce the bug/problem.

Note: most of the above bugs/glitches are already known,
except for Helkite's Alt+T . . . MB window is gone in wa5, see "Now Playing" in ML instead . . . though well spotted with the "moden" typo in gen_ff "About" box.

MMD3 Playlist works ok in winshade for me.
All scrollwheel issues (controlling main window volume) are known.
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