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First, disregard my bug report above. I checked the known bugs thread and found it is already being addressed.

OK, I don't know if this qualifies as a bug but in both the Playlist and Media Library (when using the Winamp Modern skin), the left edges are too narrow from the info area to the edge of the window. Such as with the Playlist window, where the left edge (after song times) has a few pixels of space between the scrollbar, while on the left edge (before the text) there is no space and the text butts up against the "frame". Especially with the Library button in the ML.

I know thirdparty skin bugs are not relevant at the moment, but this covers all thirdparty skins. Anyways, skins like MMD3 had skinnable context menus but that ability is gone now. Is this a problem that is going to be addressed in the future (after more important things are taken care of) or is displaying skinned right-click menus prohibited for a legit reason?

Thanks to you Nullsoft guys for releasing the beta. It runs pretty damn smooth too. I guess you could call it a "master beta".
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