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I'm running WinXP SP1, Radeon 9800 Pro, Cat 3.8, P4 3.0, 1GB RAM.

My problem, and this is one that apparently no one else is experiencing, is that when I close and restart Winamp with a freeform skin (Modern, for example), the window positions are not saved. I've tried deleting the Winamp directory, uninstalling, reinstalling, checking studio.xnf and winamp.ini to make sure they're not read-only, but nothing seems to work.

After careful analysis, it appears that the proper values are being written into studio.xnf, but for some reason, when winamp starts, they are not being read and restored. Also, if I open a window (playlist, media library, etc.), move it, close it, then reopen it, the position won't be saved. So even within one winamp session, the positions are not saved.


My skins: Sony MPFX3-WA5 (Just for WA 5.x!!) and Sony MPFX3.
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