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2 bugs

* Bug 1:
In the media library window:
. select a playlist in the left part of the window
. select one (and only one) item in the right part of the window
. select "Play selection" in the contextual menu

=> The selected item is played. But once it's finished, the rest of the playlist is also played, which is wrong: only the selected item should be played
NB: everything works fine if several items of the playlist are selected

* Bug 2:
It's not a Winamp 5 specific bug, I already reported it for Winamp 2.90 and it's still there:

What I noticed with winamp 5 is that this bug occurs with the "winamp classic" skin but not with the "winamp modern" skin (too bad coz I use the former).

BTW, I reproduced the bug with a fresh install: no extra plug-in, no extra-skin, just a vanilla winamp 5 beta (10/14/03 build).

This bug really bugs me !! Every time I run a game, my winamp window is then lost somewhere in the middle of the screen, hidden behind some other window, grrrr

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