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Two visual problems that seem to come up at random:

1. If there is a playlist loaded in WA5 with the Modern skin, the program is closed, and then is later launched again, occasionally the area in the playlist that show the information will be all black, and the names will not be shown. Fix for now is just to close then re-open the Playlist, or load naother skin, but I'm wondering if it can be fixed.

2. With any classic skin, at random times when the program is launched, most of the main window will be cut off. Only the upper-left corner of the main window (and only the Main Window, nothing else) will still be there. Completely closing WA5 is the only work-around for now. I encountered this same bug with classic skins in WA3.

Again, these bugs come at random, so I can't pinpoint when exactly they happen. If and when I do get them again, I'll post an attachment of them.

(I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics running WinXP Home SP1, btw)

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