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Originally posted by yxs
What makes you think that? No, I'm not Canadian... or American or British... hehee... I'm Estonian. Actually I have no idea where most people in here are from.

Music... ohh, I like so much stuff... it's better to mention genres... rock (a bit of metal too if it's melodic enough), blues, folk, country, R&B, soul... well, a bit of pop here and there if it's well made. Artists that are not too mainstream and not really alternative either. Something in between. A good voice is always something I appreciate.
You're among friends, indeed.

As for where people are from, here are some of the ones I know...the ones that post in the music forum a lot, anyway...

me - US
Cylob - Great Britain
Spaceplay - Holland
ShyShy - US
ertman - Denmark
taylormemer - Australia

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