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Also, from my observation, Boyband followers and followers of bands that the "Rock Music Anti-Intelligentsia" have deemed not worthy (Limp Biscuit, Corn, Blink 182) recieve pretty much the same treatment - to paraphrase the general consciousness, "Mindless slaves who only eat what MTV spoonfeeds them" (Mentions of MTV and the word spoonfeed are very important in anti pop threads)

With such a climate, Pop/Popular Rock music fans who stay in the forum become this:

Target is the guy everyone in a forum loves to hate. To some degree he brings this upon himself. For example, he may be a known cheater in a game forum, a conservative among liberals, a Windows guy among Mac enthusiasts, or even a man in a women's forum. Why Target places himself in such dicey situations is anyone's guess, but he seems genuinely oblivious to his precarious position. When Target inevitably runs afoul of a forum's prevailing attitudes the other Warriors unleash their collective fury upon him. His usual reaction is "Hey, what did I do?" or "Why do you all hate me?" Target usually gets the hint after a while and moves on. NOTE: Target often serves as a useful pressure valve for the forum's pent up hostilities. Therefore, if the current Target has been driven off or immobilized a new target will be quickly selected.

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