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I've kinda been doing this for years

Back in 99, I bought a sondblaster live card, this was a great card, as it had 4 channel support. The comptuer speakers were plugged in the front channels, a 400mhz FM transmitter (I think I bought it at raidoshack) was plugged in the rear. The transmitter/reciever pair transmitted three channels, two for stereo sound, one visual. (TV out for the video card as well) Hence the computer became the ultimate media center for music and movies. The living room and the computer room wern't that far apart so it was no hassle really to load up Mp3's, or DVD's in the comptuer and have them play on the bigscreen or the larger stereo.

In all reality - the new Airport/itunes thing is really just old tech, with a shiny new wrapper, and a diferent frequency carrier.

Recently however, it's more benifitial in the long run to run cat5 to whatever room I've wanted to access data in; and build up a cheep linux terminal in that room. Now I've got music/media/internet/movies in my workshop, office, bedroom, and lounge.
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