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Originally Posted by tamilboy877 View Post
yes flashplayer do not support ACC!
adobe flash player has supported AAC for 5 years or more - the issue lies in the flash player APPLICATIONS - there are several ways to play an audio stream in flash. Do it the correct way and you can play Shoutcast AAC streams - here's one that works, - it's a shoutcast v1 stream, but the software works with v2 streams (and NSV for that matter) as well.

The other benefit of writing a streaming player correctly is, no memory leaks. 90% of MP3 flash streaming applications will eventually crash when they've used up all your systems memory (this may not be the case now, but it was certainly true 2 or 3 years ago)

Note: to play AAC streams as per the link given above requires more than just the correctly written flash application. The server also needs to have a socket policy server granting flash permission to read the stream.

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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