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when i say dead, i mean the creation of new ones (which there are still the odd new ones), but it has been nowhere near like the constant stream that there was in the early 2000's (a lot of which was driven by the market of people being paid to make them!).

as for joe's site, i just see it mainly as an archive of old (and somewhat incomplete skins) with hopefully some new ones submitted to it (genuinely mean it) and i don't know if he intends to import the cleaned up versions that were on or quite what (since as you've already seen, a number on there don't skin all of the windows which the ones were cleaned up to ensure only those with full skinning were provided, unlike what most of the other skinning sites have allowed i.e. just the main window i often saw which was a horrible experience).

but realistically, most users don't bother or care for skins and plug-ins (based on the anonymous stats) and it's been like that for a long time. yes there is a small demand for such things, but most people want it all in the box and don't want to have to mess around with things and if it doesn't work / fit their needs, it's uninstalled and onto the next product. that is why people's fixation on such things on here (which is a reality bubble of it's own) is not a fair representation of the reality of other Winamp users (and then there's not forgetting those still using decade old versions).


as for the crash issue, an info report would have made it simple to determine from the start if you've got old plug-ins (as most of what was in the essentials pack required 5.66x updates) and that's probably what was causing your crash issue with the skin manager plug-in (assuming it was already installed), which an info report would have made very obvious from the start.

we're not asking people to make them just for the sake of it (and it is noted in the sticky threads that one is meant to be provided when posting issues, especially crashes) as it's there to help those trying to provide support, the information that is never provided. that is why i said about wasting people's time as psychic debugging (as is otherwise required) is no use to anyone.

and i don't remember seeing prior confirmation that you had updated to the correct v5.666 release (build 3516) or that you'd applied the plug-in patches, which was the other reason for wanting to see an info report (and still would, though i doubt one will be provided).
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