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and still no info tool report and you wonder why I'm crabby with you.

we have provided (myself and other users) multiple times the link which instructs you on _what_ we need from you. saying you've not being told what to do is an absolute lie as that link is clear on what to do and it is not hard at all to attach something to a forum post (as you're also claiming as a problem).

if you want help then we will but we need information from you and if you think i'm being an arse then so be it but from you're side of the fence, you're not making it easy for anyone to try to assist you (especially when you ignore requests for information, following specific instructions and the general lack of timely replies on an issue which causes things to pretty much have to start over again which is wasting yours and everyone elses time).

so fine, i'll go back to my dark hole, ignore trying to fix issues in Winamp and i'll just make the player for myself and screw what you want out of it - that sound fair as that's exactly what your comment is asking for.
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