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I'm afraid none of that worked. I honestly never thought to try safe mode, but no joy there either.
The only skins I have are the ones that come with the install of Winamp itself.
I did delete the Bento and Big Bento just to see if there would be any change, but nothing.

I'm thinking that it may be something on my OS that is causing this to be honest.
It's a fresh install so I really don't see what it could be, But I have had a few issues with Win 10 since I started using it. Countless Error codes and the inability to update and install apps from the windows store due to error code code: 0x80070006.
The only fix for that was to reset windows.
Hopefully when they release a stable/working version of 1809 it might fix this.

All drivers are up to date also.

Thanks for the suggestions though
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