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Originally posted by mike_aitch
I don't know about that, Shenlong. I think Metallica may be a little more well known than that. I remember back in 1995, the only radio station I listened to was a pop station, and they played Metallica. It wasn't a station that you would expect to play Metallica - the very next year, they were playing the Spice Girls.
Notice how I say "aren't fans", as if you ask a non-Metallica fan to name one of their songs, they'll most likly name "Enter Sandman", as it's about the only one most widley known to the mainstream (Aside from St. Anger, but meh)...

Chev - Well, I never liked Load or Reload, but Hero of the Day and King Nothing were two good songs off the Load album (Or perhaps the only ones), and I Disappear, which was off the MI2 soundtrack, was pretty good too...

A very close Japanese friend I knew a while ago once said to me "Watashi no koto wo oboeta, onegai shimasu...Yakusoku?"

I forgot his name though...
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