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Originally Posted by EifX View Post
Winamp 5.6 (build 3080)
Clean install, Plugins: Winamp Essentials Pack (latest), Save Playlist in Folder, LastFM Audioscrobbler
Language Pack: German
Skin: Bug occurs with all of Bento, Winamp Modern and Classic skins

OS: Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Locale: German DE
CPU: Intel T4300 @ 2.1 GHz (2 CPU's)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce G105M
Sound: Realtek HD Audio
DirectX 11

Winamp crashed when i try to use the build-in-web-browser

Method of reproduction:
1. Start Winamp
2. Open the browser
3. Visit:
4. Winamp crashed

I think there might be some problems with some webbrowser typical plugins (Flash, Java,...). Winamp use the Microsoft Internet Explorer, right? I tested it and it seems, that there is no problem with it.
Oh sorry, I copied the message and forget to change my OS... I have a 64-Bit System
The last Update (5.601) didn't change the Problem
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