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bluetooth pause causes system to sleep.

This isn't as much of a bug but a cool feature that I have yet to find in any other mp3 player.

I have android 2.2.1 Froyo and I use my Sony bluetooth earphones to connect to it. Once everything is synced up I will push the power button on my mp3 player to kill the screen.

My earphones also support ad2p on them. The ad2p works excellent with fast forwarding and rewinding but pausing is terrible. When I push pause on the earphones the device automatically goes into sleep mode. I then have to pull the device out of my pocket turn it back on and resync everything back up.

It's annoying. I think when I hit the power button the system tries to turn off all unnecessary systems but since bluetooth and music are playing the device never shuts down. But the moment I hit pause on my earphones the system turns off bluetooth right away and the system shuts down.

The perfect system would be to hit pause and then have the system shutdown within a time period of say 3 minutes. Maybe that can even be auto configurable.

This is such an annoying issue that I never hit pause anymore. I just turn volume way down on my earphones or just take them off and let the music continue to play and put them on again when I am not talking.

You guys could be the first to come out with this feature. Good luck.
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