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So there's a Winamp icon in the system tray? (maybe Winamp Agent)

Can you right-click said icon and checkmark "Main window"?

If you don't see "Main window" in the menu then that means only the Agent is running and not Winamp, in which case, select "Run Winamp" first...

If the problem persists, then make sure winamp.exe isn't running and then go to the %AppData%\Winamp folder and edit winamp.ini in Notepad as follows:


Save winamp.ini

Reopen Winamp

It should now open with the classic main window visible
and you can then switch back to the Bento skin (if that's what you were using before) via the Skins menu.

If Winamp still doesn't appear in Bento skin mode then (with Winamp closed) delete the studio.xnf file (same settings folder),
which will restore all default sizes/positions for all modern skins.
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