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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
And this is fact for the majority of users because you said so?
yep, thats right, you got it.

seriously, be realistic. how many users even know JTFE exists? you think its the majority?

it isn't, not even close.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Without JTFE Winamp lacks:

- a Playlist queue feature
- a skinnable jump to file window
- ability to queue files from the jump to file window
- icon library support (the 2.x based playlist/file icon support in Winamp sucks ass)
- customizable shell options
- highlighting of missing files
i agree, and that sucks, esp for those few in the minority who use it. imo, winamp made a brutal mistake when it allowed an employee to insert 3rd party code as part of the standard distribution, but without owning rights to said code. but its water under the bridge now.

as i said, they should put a basic JTFE starter in (one they code and own rights to) and then build it over time over new releases. that allows new releases to get out there!

just fyi, i'm not a big user of it, but i recently discovered via another thread it could do some things i would like. but what sucks even worse than not having JTFE, or having a lesser ver of it, is not having a new winamp at all b/c of that. i don't believe that argument holds water, JTFE should not hold up releasing a new winamp.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
for me all of the above things are essential
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Ditto, and the same for the other stuff it provides!
so what? and i don't mean that like a dick, i mean like so what if you and Aminifu and the other small minority of users who care about this feel you need it? that should determine if the beta / new release can come out or not??? nonsense!

let me put it another way, you could:

1. stick with winamp 5.666 as it is now and be fine.

2. possibly port the JTFE plugin from 5.666 to a new release, (which may or may not work, tbd)

3. use the new release with its stripped down JTFE and comment on what features should be cloned to it next.

...meanwhile the rest of the winamp user universe can have the new version they desperately want.

to me, this is all painfully obvious.

to respond to what Egg said earlier: i don't think burning matters AT ALL, (ripping does, but burning? no.) i don't think JTFE matters, (insofar as putting out the next release; i do agree it should be cloned back in over time). i DO think art and metadata matter, and i would urge them to complete those two things before the next release.

jmho Koopa, feel free to ignore.

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