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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
It's like you're in the middle of a playlist and then you want to watch a video [...] That and being the fact that winamp sucks when it comes to videos vs other video players out there.
That may be true and some years ago I had exactly the same feeling. That feeling triggered me to start develop the in_ffsox input plug-in. Today with "in_ffsox" everything becomes smooth:
  • Videos are not exceptional, they are included in any ordinary playlist like any other track.
  • If the playlist is shuffled to a video the video is displayed or otherwise the visualization. You can customize whether a video is displayed or instead the visualization. Or you can switch off both.
  • It supports replaygain tags for videos, hence everything can be played at the same loudness.
Why want you exclude Youtube videos and music DVD or Blu-ray rips from a playlist?
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