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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
How much stripped down?
a lot. get the basic Q feature in there and then release.

more can be (and should be) added as we go, but to hold up a release over this is insane and is counter productive to the marketshare and long term viability of winamp overall.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I think DJ Egg thinks that most of the JTFE features should be included somehow. If I'm correct, then I agree with him.
i agree with that as well, i just think it should be done over time AFTER the initial release which at this point is stalled waiting for some long off perfect clone of a plugin most people don't use or know about.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
The current Winamp version has enough no longer working features. The new release should try to not add several more, imo. The new release needs to be an improvement (however slight) over what we have now, otherwise what's the point. Trading new features for old may be acceptable, but that would highly depend on what the actual tradeoffs are.
look, winamp is way behind the curve at this point. it needs a post AOL ver that includes metadata and art. if its missing burning and most JTFE features in an initial release, thats FINE, thats acceptable b/c those are small potatoes. they will find their way back in eventually!

whats important now, imo, is to prove that after YEARS of nothing, that this thing isn't DOA. give those of us who care about it something to champion, and something to submit feedback on. right now the devs are fumbling around in the dark, and we only have vague notions that something might emerge.

and lets keep in mind, that while we argue over stupid JTFE philosophical questions and similar, the window of vivendi/radionomy may slam down shut, completely outside the control of winamp altogether! so there is an urgency to get something out NOW while that window is still ajar.

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