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Shoutcast Sc_trans Playlists

Hi All,

Im new to this forum so sorry if this message was placed in the wrong place

I am having an issue finding the relevant info

Basically this is what i want to do I have sc_trans running 1 playlist and I have given all the djs ftp access to upload there own music to the playlist folder,

Alot of the DJs play live and when they use the dj port the playlist fades out and the dj begins his live set,

Now there are a few DJs who cant make there show weekly and to be honest its a pain having to log in change the calander around and point the playlist to 1 file he has uploaded to play at his set time when he cant do a live set,

So I know I can use http://serverip:adminport/restart to restart sc_trans and http://serverip:adminport/nextsong to play the next song

So my question is is there a way I can have 2 playlists and use 1 playlist pointing to a folder where the dj uploaded his set and when the time comes that he wants to play the mix he can load a certain playlist from the web ?

For instance something like http://serverip:adminport/playlist1 to play the normal playlist and http://serverip:adminport/playlist2 for the playlist that a DJ needs to play instantly at his set time?

I hope i explained myself well enough


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