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Some of my absolute favorites from the default winamp package are:

fiShbRaiN - white scream firefly
Flexi - infused with the spiral
Flexi, martin + geiss - dedicated to the sherwin maxawow
goody - ego deconstructor
Goody + martin - crystal palace - Aqua Lumens
ORB - Acid Cycle Gas Giant
martin - purple pulsator
martin - starfield sectors

Also, martin has a great many excellent presets in his "my complete collection" thread, with a lot of 3d effects and presets. I can especially recommend the "mandelbox" and "Castle in the Sky" presets from my 52k presets collection topic if they aren't already in martin's.

I can especially recommend from amandio_c's compilation zip in the respective preset topic "helios" and "new life." Many of the presets are very interesting and very well done really, being based unbelievably on very advanced implementation of custom shapes, but few if any of amandio's presets have any beat detection.

And, if nobody else recommends them, I can recommend currently my couple of presets, Synaescope v7d and Maelstrom v3 .

What would the release window be for the preset package update? I may (eventually) make more updates for both.

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