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the now and next playing can be pulled directly as per the first two methods at

i understand that an xml response will be using more bandwidth and processing than 7.html did but that's what has been decided upon and i really don't think it's that much overall since all that's currently output is what is shown at which will only output what is actually present at the time so only what is needed will come back. though there is going to be one addition in the next release for knowing the user/dj name currently connected instead of using the irc/aim/icq hacks which using a fixed format would make harder to add a new field.

maybe 7.html or something like it should be brought back but then i'm not the one who needs to be convinced of going back / making an alternative (since these are things which were decided on well over 2 years back) and this change has been driven by partner requests and also our own internal usage so i'm just going to follow orders on such things.

there probably are some aspects which could be removed from the output to slim it down further for querying just specific aspects instead of what is done i.e.
listener counts (current, peak, max, average)
stream details (name, genre, type, path, bitrate)
dj details (djname, irc, aim, icq)

i'm open to ideas to make suggestions to see if it would be considered (though obviously is no guarantee it'd ever be considered, etc).

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