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I attempted to disable those and it made no difference. also ther eis no noticable effect on audio quality. it seems almost as if it confuses itself when trying to establish the initial audio pathway, there is also a slightly delayed start on tracks even when focusing on just winamp for a single track playing. delayed starts do not bother me though.

my drivers are up to date (i initially had to manually install the driver to get it in there, but after uninstalling it once to try something it re-installed itself upon boot) i have considered attempting to manually install the realtek drivers as that is what i used to use on this system when i had XP. but it re-installed the via drivers before I could do anything and I haven't tried I again. before I'd manually installed the via drivers i ran perfectly fine with the windows drivers, however using VIA or RealTek was the only way I could get proper AEC without paying atrocious sums of money for specialized applications. (My recommended solution for those with the same issue who do not have the need for the audiodeck to just use the default win7 drivers, if not just remove vdeck.exe from startup)
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