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Autopost your Radio Station songs to Twitter

Hi all,

A bit of blatant self-promotion but we've had some good feedback saying it's a neat feature, so I thought I'd share it to see if anyone is interested.

We're running a service that offers you the possibility of a hosted solution to post your Radio Stations 'Now Playing' songs automatically to Twitter with some cool features such as:

- Customised message and customised posting frequency.
- Add the artist/band/groups image to each post.
- Dynamically replace the artist/band/groups name with their official Twitter account (get more retweets).
- Add 'Buy this song' links to each Tweet (monitise your Twitter feed!).

We've had some great feedback from users saying that they've had an uplift in followers, retweets and more Tweets favourited, etc... The service supports Shoutcast (v1/v2), Icecast, Radionomy and most playout systems.

As this is a hosting solution there is a small charge for server space/bandwidth/maintenance/support, etc...

If you're interested, check out

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