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Originally Posted by TheWalruss View Post
Just a curious question. The WASAPI mode is supposedly better than the old one for number of technical reasons, but will I actually hear any difference? When I just listen to music in absolutely normal way, is there any reason I would want to use it?

I tried the plugin, and immeditaly noticed all other sound sources stopped working. That's weird, because TeamSpeak has the WASAPI option as well, and when I use it, I can listen to music without problems. Is this normal?

I also randomly tried the different options, and when I selected shared instead of exclusive, I get an error message "S_FALSE: "yasapi_player.c" (134). when I try to play a song, and then Winamp crashes.
This might help:. It is a guide to the other WASAPI plugin Maiko

Essentially, WASAPI routes the music without mixing it before reaching the speakers. You get the music as it is with no fancy sampling around. This works best with music encoded at high bit rates and great quality. It is also because of the music is not sampled, you would not get sound from other sources, but one (YASAPI output). This is by design.

Hope this helps. Anyone wants to add? You are welcome


Sorry I plugged in a guide to Maiko's plugin. I could not find any other guide to illustrate. I use your plugin since launch now so count me as your fan. Keep the work on the plugin

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